THE WEEKEND KITCHEN::Pause For Reflection

The oven was cold and bare this weekend. No Saturday morning scones. No Sunday cake. Although I had plans for making a chocolate ricotta cake, this was a rare weekend of the absence of baking. And so, not one photograph of food for this post or the daily photo project.


Sometimes you find that you need to step back and take time to reflect. Time to unshackle yourself from the self-imposed schedules and routines. It might be a day or two. It might be weeks or months. Whatever the time frame, it's important to re-evaluate your journey. Perhaps a fork in the road stands before you.

I went on an introspective drive Saturday morning after a simple breakfast - alone with my thoughts while the kids stayed with their Papa. I first made sure I was there for Sagey, holding on to him while my husband took out the stitches from the incident a few weeks back.

Inspiration was all around - in music and colors. Decorations for summer were already on display at Pottery Barn. The stunning Ocean blue Cambria mug immediately caught my attention and I simply had to add that to my growing collection of mugs.

Although I did not spend time in the kitchen, we did have our Saturday night grill feast outdoors. Luckily, it was warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the crisp spring evening air as the filet, chicken, red peppers, and asparagus sizzled on the grill.

Sunday afternoon we attended the opening day of the Pippi Longstocking play at the Scottish Rite Theater in downtown Austin. The actors were superb. The play was amazing. It was intended for children but the message was for adults and children alike. "Don't change just to fit in." Be different. Be YOU!

Instead of rushing home after the play to try making something simply for the sake of sticking to some self-imposed schedule so that I can post it on my site, I decided that dining out was a much better idea. So, we dined out for the second time this year. Garlic and Parmesan fries were the perfect ending to this laid back weekend.

As for getting back to baking, photographing, and writing...I'll wait another day or two before returning to my kitchen and neglected oven. I need to make up for not making that chocolate cake my boy requested.