Countdown to Christmas...Day 5

The weekend is over as is the second Advent. We got home so late last night after the birthday party that we did not get a chance to light the candles and incense or to sit down to afternoon dessert and coffee. We'll make up for it when Papa returns home tomorrow. Box #5 is up next and the children are excited once again to see what they will be getting today.

 Seena waits patiently for her little piece of chocolate.

More Kinder chocolate...



A smile came across Sagey's face as he peeled off the wrapper and got ready to eat something sweet.

 The moody one carefully opens the wrapper and takes her time to finish her piece of Kinder chocolate.


The tradition continues and it's time to see what will be added to the Playmobil Christmas town post office...


It's Seena's turn to get the toy out of the little door.



A basket and more mail.


Day 5 comes to a close in Playmobil Christmas town.