Ice Cream and a Bandage

A day late in posting...but here is yesterday's little things captured in photographs.

The essence of Summer. My little boy, you've learned to carefully eat your ice cream although you still manage to make enough of a mess to warrant a bath afterwards.

It wonderful to see you enjoying your ice cream today after the past few days of your having been too sick to eat. It seems to have been an inner ear infection as you mentioned your ears hurting and your not being able to turn your neck to one side. You were so tired that you could not even manage a smile. So, it was a wonderful treat to me to see you smile this morning and run around the house and play with you sister and brother.

You tripped over the laces of your new purple sparkly shoes as we were leaving for the post, which Papa let you buy. :) Your fall wasn't too bad...a little blood and nothing that a fun bandage can't "fix", but I think it's time to learn to tie your shoes.