ELECTION NIGHT::Are We the Divided States of America (DSA)?

Most of America and Europe have been closely watching the election results of our country's next leader tonight. The race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Despite our differences, we need to remember that we are the United States of America, not the Divided States of America.

It's disheartening to see people on social media posting some of the unnecessary and spiteful comments. Saying that we're going to have a disastrous, depressive, sad next 4 years is simply uncalled for. The point is that no matter who won, we still need to work together to get this country moving forward. Tearing down the "other" side down is meaningless and counterproductive.

The race could have ended up differently. There is no need to gloat. There is no need to denigrate the opponent. Be kind and respect your fellow American. There is much work ahead of us during the next four years.

Most of us were lucky enough to exercise our right to vote. Don't take that away from each other by making your neighbor, real friends, or virtual friends regret their choices. Be glad that you actually have that choice to make.

It amazes me how we can all bond together in a crisis such as 911, Katrina, or Sandy. Yet, when it comes to elections and the forthcoming results, we forget about being united and go back to being a divided nation.

Think before you speak or Tweet. Think about what you can do for the better of our country. If you simply cannot think of anything good, you still have the choice to move to another country. Maybe then you'll appreciate the true meaning of United States of America.