A late breakfast is not unual for us - particularly during the weekend. Noon is typical. This also makes for a later start to the day. I would have preferred to have gone grocery shopping alone this morning before everyone woke up, but the night before I had promised Cinnamon that she would go with me. I also ended up taking Sagey, the first time with no diapers or Pull-ups. Of course, he insisted on buckling himself in his carseat every time.

So, I found myself sitting for at least 5 minutes in the minivan with the air conditioner on...waiting on a parking lot. Sometimes he would figure it out, but other times he would let either me or his sister help. With the three different places I ended up going this Saturday, this took forever. Or so it seemed. The post office was the first stop, followed by Central Market, and finally the Turkish store to stock up on our special Croatian Franck Jubilarna coffee and Kraš napolitanke (wafer cookies). I will definitely be taking the briki (coffee pot) with me on our trip along with one or two packages of coffee.

As I sat outside with my coffee and napolitanke, I had just cracked open Paula Figoni's how baking works when I noticed the sky getting darker and the trees starting to sway.

I passed by the tomato plant on my way inside the house and noticed my losing battle to the "thief" birds who keep pecking away at the baby tomatoes. The plant has not been doing too well lately due to the intense summer heat. Most of the leaves have fallen off, but there are almost 50 green tomatoes still on the vine. I hope I get to eat most of them.

The sky cleared up within a few minutes so the girls and my husband sat outside to eat Speck and napolitanke.

Sagey was inside sleeping the afternoon away wearing Papa's shirt. He slept for at least two hours.

In the meantime, his sisters went to the community pool with Papa. Sagey woke up minutes before they returned and walked upstairs where I was ironing, asking for Seena. Then he opened the front door, still wearing Papa's black shirt, put on his shoes and walked outside to see if he could catch a glimpse of his sisters. He was overjoyed when he saw them.