Papa came home shortly after midnight last night after being away on a business trip all week long. Life is back to "normal" again and we spent the day together outdoors in the sweltering upper 90s. I read that next week it is expected to be in the low 100s.

The morning started out with my watching the children slowly wake up and being amazed at how Sagey still clings to his elephant (more specifically, the elephant's tail) and sucks his thumb at three years of age. Oma bought him that elephant pillow for Christmas when he was only 6 months old - when we visited her in Berlin - and he carries that pillow around with him wherever he goes. No, this is not an old Christmas photo. The kids wear their Christmas pajamas all year long.

Saffi was excited to show Papa what she made with her sister the day before. It was a simple craft with stickers and paper, but they were happy about it. The words (translated) read: "Saffi and Seena did it. Saffi did the lines. Seena did the stickers". Real teamwork. Well, for a child that's a big accomplishment.

We then looked outside the window and noticed the lizard I recently named "Thorn" - due to the end of his tail having re-grown at an angle and resembling a rose thorn. We think this is Minty's father. By the time I came back with my camera, Thorn had moved to the branch and changed from a bright green to the brown to match the branch on which he was resting.

After a quick breakfast, Saffi and Papa went to a ham radio meeting and returned with these two eggs...fresh from a hen.

Photo taken after my trip to Anthropologie this afternoon

We all then piled into the minivan and headed to The Domain for a special event, Taste of North Austin, where we got to sample some great food and both Seena and Sagey discovered the meaning of folding chairs.

We arrived later than I had hoped and the heat was intense if we weren't in the shade, but I did get to stop by both Sur La Table and Anthropologie and left with a few small colorful bowls...

...and a new mug for my mug collection/obsession.

When we arrived home, the girls quickly put on their bathing suits and begged Papa to take them to the pool - which, of course, he did - while Sagey stayed home with me. Sagey took a nap and I took some photos of my new bowls. It was close to 20h when the girls returned from the pool with Papa and it was still light outside.

The girls wanted to go ride their bikes and Sagey took the Plasma car. Papa also joined them on the scooter. Seena took a liking to some plastic goggles that were part of an experimentation kit and thought they were goggles for swimming. She loved wearing them while she rode the no-pedal balance bike (also a gift from Oma).

Did I mention that Minty returned? Yes, he's back! The girls discovered him sitting on the railing last night as I was washing the patio. He later moved over to the chive plant and slept on one tiny strand of chive all night long. I took this photo of him this evening before the girls headed to the pool with Papa. I'm glad he survived the squirrels and birds. Cinnamon (Seena) said last night that Minty went camping with his mommy and daddy and stayed in a tent. Oh the silly things kids say!

What a fun-filled Saturday we shared. Had it not been for these photos, I wouldn't have thought we did so much today.  

P.S. Thank you dear husband for smashing that blood-soaked mosquito into my white cotton voile drape. ;) Also, thank you for cleaning it afterwards.