Most of the day was spent going somewhere with the kids in the minivan in the hot Summer sun. But not before a quick and healthy breakfast...full-fat yogurt and dark rye bread with almond butter and honey (sour cherry jam for me - and coffee).

This week the younger two started swimming lessons. Sagey was hesitant at first and refused to take off his shirt. Seena seemed to enjoy being in the water and did quite well today.

After lessons, I dropped off the younger two at home with my husband and took Saffi to run some errands. I take turns with them - Seena and Sagey went with me yesterday, so today was Saffi's turn. Of course, the other two protested about not getting to come along as well.

We came back with a 4-lb container of strawberries. I prefer smaller berries, but the girls and Sagey were fascinated with the large strawberries.

Then it was gymnastics for the older two while Sagey stayed home with Papa and slept until his sisters came home.

The children spent the rest of the afternoon playing with their toys. Seena was playing at the Lego table downstairs...

...and Sagey played with his Lego Duplo blocks upstairs...

...alongside his older sister who continued building on her track layout.

Guess what we had for dinner tonight? If you guessed filet mignon with herb butter, grilled onions, and a tasty salad - you're wrong. That's what we were supposed to have, but since my husband was still working during dinner and since I rely on him to light the charcoal to get the grill going (and to make his delicious grilled onions), I decided on something that was fairly quick. (Yes, I can start a fire - if I had really wanted to. I didn't.)

I'll give you a hint. This is the main ingredient...

If you guessed puffy pancake, you're right. We had another puffy pancake for tonight's dinner - the second time this week. Nobody minded at all. In fact, everyone was happy when I said I was making the same pancake as yesterday - the one with Grand Marnier and orange zest. Although I used the exact same recipe I wrote yesterday, tonight the pancake puffed up really big in the oven and started to fall over the edge. 

Saffron exclaimed, "That's too puffy!" when she saw it in the oven. Yes, but it deflated rather quickly and tasted so good.