After breakfast, we all walked back to the coffee shop I discovered earlier in the morning. The kids drank mineral water and my husband and I each had a large cappuccino. Grosse ("large") in the German sense is quite different than the "large" (huge) size in America. That would be the equivalent of regular or small. People do not overindulge here as can be seen by the few overweight people.

I love walking around and could do so all day long. It's something that is not possible in America - unless you live in downtown of any large city like New York.

I love being able to walk to the bakery to get brotchen (rolls) for breakfast.

...and being able to walk to the farmer's market to buy quail eggs, feta, Kalamata olives, and whatever else the vendors have available.

Public transportation is also useful - moreso than in the States. We took the train to the famous swimming place - the Strandbad Wannsee.

We walked for awhile to get there from the train station. Sagey got blisters from the day before...

...and so Papa carried him most of the way.

I discovered that carrying around a large camera and an iPad, although nice to capture photos, can be a big hindrance to actually enjoying the moment. Tomorrow I will go without either and simply enjoy.

Shot with the new Canon 40mm pancake lens which was difficult to get on the camera.