Today we went back to Wannsee and this time I left behind all devices. No iPhone. No iPad. No point-and-shoot. No bulky DSLR.

We wanted to take advantage of yet another hot Summer day in Berlin. I went into the water as well, but not for too long. The water was not clear as in Croatia. It was murky and sandy. Mussels littered the lake floor.

The kids had fun playing ring around the rosy in the water with Papa. They stayed in the water for hours. I watched them and walked around a bit. We had kugli ice cream. Walnut and hazelnut and vanilla. The kids had super sweet packaged ice cream - Sagey's was the one with Haribo gummy bears and Seena's was a hand popsicle. Saffi was picky and didn't want the same one as Sagey's, so hers was thrown away.

In the evening, my husband and I got to have dinner without the kids. That never happens back home so we're taking advantage of that ability to leave the kids with Oma. We had pizza at the pizzeria by Savignyplatz. I also had a glass of red Italian merlot while my husband had beer. He's German. Beer is like water to him.

One thing we noted while at dinner was that people ate and interacted with each other without any distractions. No iPhones, phones, no iPads. People simply enjoyed the moment without devices.

We ventured into East Berlin and walked around until we had to return for the children.