Last night was rough. Our two younger children got sick, as did my husband. It started with Cinnamon throwing up a few times. Then it was Sagey's turn. I was super tired and was so thankful that my husband took care of them. Then he got sick. He would rush them to the shower. I would try to get the puke out of their clothes and find clean clothes for them. Rough night.

Perhaps it was the non-packaged kugli ice cream they ate at the Wannsee. Perhaps it was the extra ice cream they ate at Oma's while we were out having a rare evening without the children. Or perhaps it was norovirus. Whatever it was, it was not fun.

We spent the day with Sagey. Just me, my husband, and our little boy. The girls stayed with Oma. We took a train to Kreuzberg, the Turkish part of the city, to find a briki. It's a special pot for brewing the Croatian coffee I brought along. It didn't take us too long to find one.

After that we took the train back. We first stopped at Conrad's, then KaDeWe. I love the gourmet food floor of that store. Particularly the chocolate section.

Sagey walked the entire time and kept wincing and crying. My husband thought he was just being lazy and didn't want to walk since he's not used to walking so much back home. It turned out that his blisters from the day before popped and started to bleed. My poor little boy. My husband cleaned and disinfected the wounds and bandaged up his feet. We'll need to find some backless (and not too large) shoes for Sagey.