I spent the morning, after breakfast, at the farmer's market. It was much larger than the one on Wednesday. I must have gone around from beginning to end at least 5 times. I bought a leek, a few potatoes, quail eggs, and fresh herbs. I planned on making alphabet soup but ended up making lentil soup instead.

Before I made the soup, I needed to use the soup pot for mixing the cake batter. I also needed to buy a whisk, spatula, and wooden spoons since the apartment wasn't equipped with those either.

The cake was a yogurt cake flavoured with lemon zest, vanilla sugar, and vanilla extract. It is the first cake I'm making in my "rustic" recipes...the ones using no electric devices such as a hand mixer, stand mixer, or food processor. Only a whisk and a spatula.

Later in the evening, I walked over the lentil soup to Oma's house. The kids loved it. The cake will be saved for tomorrow when my husband's sister comes to visit with her husband and 2-year old twins...a boy and a girl.