The day started early...the alarm on our iPhones sounding at precisely 05:30. I got the kids ready to spend the day with Papa on a train to see Opa. I stayed in Berlin again, but this time I accompanied them all the way to Spandau and saw them getting on the ICE train.

Papa spent most of the day installing cable at his dad's place and then met up with a childhood friend.

I took the apartment towels and the last of the laundry to the Waschsalon three blocks away. In the meantime, I returned bottles at Kaiser's for a recycling refund (I got back 0,80€), ran a few more errands, and made a quick stop at the last farmer's market of this trip. My purchases included a few plums, tomatoes, and 100g of feta. I was hoping to be able to make roasted plums. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to that today.

I was busy packing most of our suitcases and cleaning up a bit. We're flying out early Tuesday morning so we haven't much time left.

I was really sleepy in the afternoon. Despite that, I went to train station to buy tickets for tomorrow's last minute trip to Wismar.

My laptop blue screened. The third item to die during this trip. First was one of my mirrored hard drives that died the day before we left (or the morning that we left). Then my little point-and-shoot died last weekend when I went to record the children signing while we were at the Tierpark. Not too lucky lately.

Baked a crustless veggie quiche and version 2 of the banana cake.

Photography was not much on my mind today. Now I need to stay awake until 01:00 when my kids and hubby return.