I spent the morning sipping a double cappuccino at my "usual" coffee shop. I tried to find a link to the NASA Mars landing while there, but unfortunately didn't find one in time. Curiosity landed today.

When we got to Oma's place, she had a beautiful vase of pink roses for me. She remembered the 7th wedding anniversary from me and my husband. My husband did not. Nor did he remember last week's anniversary. Yes, we have two. The official one and the one from the wedding "ceremony" on a beach in Croatia a week later.

I've been enjoying eating quail eggs while here in Berlin. I've not been able to find them in Austin, but remember eating them in San Francisco before we moved. I buy them twice a week at the farmer's market a few steps from our apartment and will miss eating them when we leave Berlin.

Saffi built a tower out of wooden blocks after little builder. She was really proud of her tower and wanted me to photograph her next to it.

In the early afternoon, we took the S-Bahn to Grunewald and walked towards the lake. I kept stopping along the way to take photos with my DSLR and my husband kept wanting me to hurry along. "That's exactly why I don't want you taking your camera with you", he said. I still kept taking photos though.

Before my husband and I headed out to dinner to meet up with a friend of his, we enjoyed the German tradition of afternoon cake with coffee. Today's cake was the fifth one I've made this far and also the best one. It was a ricotta cake with lemon zest. After less than 20 minutes, only one large slice was left. I used the entire 250g container for the cake and my husband devoured it. He greatly dislikes cheese but loved the cake and commented that he could not taste the cheese. The cake had a super fine crumb and turned out much better than expected.

Dinner was delicious. I had pasta "bon bons" filled with ricotta cheese with lemon zest and leek sauce. I had two glasses of Syrah and tiramisu for dessert. I really should have had the plum cake with vanilla ice cream...a German dessert.