saffron funny face

One of the things I love about Europe is the ability to walk to the bakery every morning for freshly baked breakfast rolls. By 9:00 we were awake and ready to go to the bakery for brötchen. Saffron also wanted a croissant but I found out it goes by another name here in Germany. Something starting with "Butter...".

Breakfast was the typical brötchen with butter and sauerkischmarmelade (sour cherry marmalade). And fruit - banana this morning. It had rained overnight, so we ate indoors instead of on the balcony.

After breakfast, Saffron and I retreated to the loft where she read to me from her new Magic Treehouse book. I admitted to her that I had fallen asleep last night when she was reading - not even getting past the first two pages. So, she started from the beginning.

saffron loft

Once again, I found jetlag taking a tight hold on me as I fought hard to stay awake. Saffron would look over to me on the other side of the loft making sure I was awake. I admit I wasn't for the most part. After she read the first two chapters, I suggested we take a nap before heading out again. She wasn't too tired and asked if she could get up and go colour.

saffron through railing

At 13:30 I awoke from my nap and had Saffron work on her math lessons. She was working on two-digit subtraction visually - a method with tally marks, dots, and stars she came up with which works for her.

saffron math lesson
math lesson diptych

As she finished up her lesson, I took a moment to notice the beautiful autumn colours outside the window. It was nothing I would witness back home so I basked in this rare opportunity.

yellow tree from window

After her math lesson, we sat down for lunch. Saffron wanted the same cheese sandwich as yesterday but this time the bread was a mini baguette we bought at the bakery this morning. She preferred the softer bread of yesterday's lunch.

Then it was time to play with the Schleich figures. I was given the choice of two. I chose the fairy and the smaller horse. Saffron informed me the fairy was the mother of the smaller horse.

schleich figures

Saffron chose the two unicorns - Sparkly and Sparkly's mother. The "kids" played hide-and-seek and tag whilst the "mothers" sat to the side and conversed.

schleich and saffron

My girl was excited to have me see her at jazz dance class this afternoon. Not being sure of the time it would take to get there, we left early. We passed the bookstore we discovered yesterday on our walk where Saffron had purchased a small book on unicorns.

bookstore and trees

She was having a great time simply walking around with me and posing for photographs. She doned her handmade orange dress. The one she sewed by hand. The feature I like most is the one she also included on the dress she made for me - a hood.

saffron blue orange

Making our way to the U-Bahn, and remembering Saffron's monthly pass this time, we rode the three stops to Bismarckstrasse. On the way, I observed the feared ticket inspector. Luckily he went the opposite direction of where I was sitting and had caught a guy with an expired pass. I checked my ticket and noticed I had validated a child's ticket - one leftover from this summer. I took a chance on the return home as I figured the inspector would have a more difficult time in a crowded subway than in the middle of the day.

theodor heuss platz

Seeing how we still had time before the 17:30 class start, we sat at a coffeehouse on Zillestrasse. I enjoyed my flat white. Saffron sipped her pineapple juice and nibbled on the vanilla cookies. Three men at the neighbouring table were discussing a potential business deal. Two British guys and one German guy. I couldn't make out what they were saying but they were interesting to observe.

Afterwards, we strolled along Wilmersdorfer Strasse and decided to stop in at Kardstadt's. Saffron looked at drawing books and stickers whilst I browsed the much desired German chocolates. I promised her we would return after her class for stickers and chocolate.

Upon reaching our stop at Grunewald, it started to sprinkle. Neither of us had an umbrella with us but it wasn't necessary today. As we walked to the dance studio, we noticed the door was locked. Granted, we were 25 minutes early. So, we waited.


Eventually two girls showed up but no teacher. The one girl with her mom left precisely at 17:29, figuring if the teacher wasn't there by now, she would not be coming at all. Saffron and I left two minutes later.

lamp bw

At the S-Bahn station, we ended up missing two subways as Saffron insisted we were waiting on the correct platform. We were not. 25 minutes later we were boarding the S-Bahn back to Charlottenburg.

grunewald sbahn

As promised, we returned to Kardstadt's for stickers and German chocolate. I noticed boxes of Reber's Mozart Kugeln on the discount table. Eight kugeln for € 2.99. So, I bought one box of those and a small marzipan schwartbrot.

We returned home and had dinner. Cooked potatoes, per Saffron's request. She ate hers with ketchup; I ate mine with saure sahne. I also made a salad for myself of arugula, baby tomatoes, feta, and rosemary crackers. Saffron eyed my salad and asked if she could have some. I gave her the rest and she liked it, requesting more for tomorrow's lunch minus the tomatoes.

A day out with my girl was a day well spent. Now that the two-day jetlag time was over, we can enjoy more days to come.

wilmersdorf strasse