saffi sony center

Every day is different. Every day is unpredictable. Every day is a new day to start over. Today was no exception. At some point everything starts to get to us when it should not - adults and children alike. Important to remember is to make the most of the time we have been given. Being able to fulfill three of Saffron's wishes was what mattered today.

Saffron and I awoke later than usual, most likely due to the lack of sunlight in this place (thus having been dubbed "the dungeon") which failed to notify us the night was over. We readied ourselves and walked to a bakery close to Zillestrasse for croissants, a sesambrötchen, and a slice of marzipan kranz. Saffron commented on how the croissants at Lindner's were much better. I've never been one to like croissants much, but my daughter is making me rethink the buttery pastry.

After breakfast, Saffron worked on her homework whilst I sent out my resume for a potential job and verified the start of the movie we were going to see early this afternoon. I had already taken Cinnamon and Sage to see "Boxtrolls" before I left for Germany. Today was Saffron's turn.

We arrived at Potsdamer Platz 40 minutes prior to the start of the movie. Saffron was unreluctant to smile at one point when I photographed her. She simply refused to smile until I promised her we would go eat fries after the movie.

Fries were another item on her checklist along with movies and popcorn. All three promises were fulfilled today.

promise of fries

After purchasing the tickets, I walked around Sony Center with Saffron until 13 minutes before the movie was scheduled to begin. We walked to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center where I saw Saffron smile when she was able to touch the giant giraffe.

legoland giraffe

As we made our way downstairs to the theatres, a small tantrum ensued when we were presented with the choice of popcorn - salty or sweet. I was not expecting anything but salty as an option but Saffron insisted on sweet.

Having already ordered the salty version I did not want to make changes - at least not in Germany. Saffron's choice was either the salty popcorn or no popcorn and no movie. She wisely chose the movie and salty popcorn.

We continued to our seat in a fairly empty theatre hall as we were two of eight people in the entire hall watching the movie in English. Another tantrum occurred when Saffron was unable to choose a seat. There were many choices yet she took her time deciding on a seat.

sony center fountain

Unlike in the States, the previews did not start until the scheduled time of the movie and went on for 20 minutes. We were both annoyed with the delay. Despite the tantrums, Saffron enjoyed the movie.

cinestar sony center

It was still light outside when we left the theatre but the sun would be setting in less than an hour. We walked underground until we came upon the train station. Trains can be a relaxing mode of transportation allowing for much contemplation.

potsdamer platz train station

The U2 was crowded by the time we boarded the train. Saffron and I were unable to find a seat and had to stand by the door the entire ten stops. Across from us, two girls in their late twenties or so were sitting and giggling. They looked up at the dark-skinned girls standing next to them. I was irritated because the word which came to mind was "bullies". Immature was another word.

I wasn't sure what the girls' issue was but one of the girls kept looking at me and said something to me as she exited at Wittenbergplatz. I was glad they left. I did not need to be involved in an altercation of any kind.

We exited at Bismarckstrasse and walked along the crowded Wilmersdorferstrasse. People were standing around watching and waiting for something or another. Saffron and I stopped to watch a man play some tube horn instrument where he placed a microphone at the end to amplify the sounds he was making.

wilmersdorferstrasse man playing tube

We made a stop at The Arcaden to visit a bookstore. Umbrellas were everywhere and an interesting sight.

umbrellas at arcaden

Bookstores are a refuge of sorts for me albeit I rarely buy anything. Today I browsed children's books and bake books. 

arcaden thalia bookstore

After the bookstore, we walked to a Greek restaurant around the corner from our place where we ordered pommes. Saffron took an eternity to eat the fries, at one point taking ten bites from one as she proceeded to cover each piece with a drop of ketchup. I was tired and my patience was waning but I was glad to have fulfilled another three wishes from her list of things she wanted to do on my visit. Albeit they might seem like small wishes, to her it meant something much more.