november sunset

The sun has set on yet another day. A day given to us as a gift each morning upon wakening. A day unlike the one we had before. The same day each and every one of us receives as the sun rises in the morning. How we spend those 24 hours is up to us.

We can sleep the day away or work until minutes disappear. We can choose to spend time alone or with ones we love. One thing to remember is how fleeting time is. Once it is gone, it returns no more. 

We ponder the risks we should have taken. We think about words we should have spoken or held back from uttering. But regrets are useless as it robs us of time we could spend making new memories. Time moves forward. It does not stand still. Time waits for no one.

Mistakes are made but if we are fortunate enough to live another day, we get another chance to make things right - to learn from those mistakes.

Each day is a new day for which we should be grateful. It is a gift we should not take for granted but one to cherish as we never know when this day might be our last.