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Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?...What’s worth the price is always worth the fight...Let nothing stand in your way
‘Cause the hands of time are never on your side.
— http://www.songlyrics.com/nickelback/if-today-was-your-last-day-lyrics/

There is no greater gift than the one of love. Even if we are fortunate to be given this gift but for a brief moment. This morning I came across the sad ending to one woman's love story. The battle of a life lost to cancer. I first heard of Amanda and Joe via Twitter a couple weeks ago and their story touched my heart.

Amanda married the love of her life knowing her husband's time on this earth was going to be taken away by cancer. She battled the daily fight for life with him and stayed by his side with their daughter through good times and bad. They cherished every moment as if it was their last. What she gained through this experience was learning the true meaning of love. A meaning we should all take to heart as we evaluate our relationships.

A love such as this is a rare love indeed. It is one we naturally have for our children but finding this love in a lifelong partner is a soul searching adventure. It is one of life's greatest adventures which requires patience, understanding, and forgiveness. The search for the one who captivates your heart is a journey worth pursuing.

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If we are fortunate to find a love so true, we do whatever is necessary to hold on to it as we never know when our last breath will come. We never know if today will be our last day. We might not realise the words we last spoke to our loved ones will be the last they remember - words which leave a lasting impression of the time spent together.

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Challenges will test our love on a daily basis. Things we deem important soon become insignificant when we realise how precious our time is. Priorities need to be shifted as we assess the importance of the people in our lives.

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We greeted this morning with our usual 'happy Sunday' before eating breakfast. Sundays are special which meant cinnamon French toast for breakfast and brownie cake for dessert this evening. The afternoon we spent at a park across the Thinkery in the Mueller area of Austin after not being able to find the place where my daughter's scout group was meeting. Despite the cold and it having rained earlier, my children enjoyed the time at the playground.

I was glad to be able to talk with my beau this evening before and after the children's bedtime. We discussed many plans regarding our future and reminisced on the past struggles and hurt we've both encountered. He brought up the lyrics to Nickelback's song - 'If Today Was Your Last Day' - and how much truth the words hold. We also realised there would be many more struggles as we forged ahead with our decision to make this work.

Much hesitation and uncertainty came about due to the great distance and the inability to date in the conventional manner. Distance is not always welcome when it comes to making a relationship work but it should also not be seen as a hindrance. Misunderstandings have a way of showing up time and time again but need to be worked out sooner rather than later. When you find the one who captivates your heart you will do whatever it takes to make it work for no struggle will be deemed too great.

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