Relentless rain made for few outside photo opportunities today. When rain and cold temperatures play together, we are not too inclined to venture outdoors. Ireland is quite the contrast from Berlin as light rain made its appearance once or twice during my visit in Germany and stayed but for a while. My view of Ireland thus far has been mostly from within.

A certain mood comes about from a rainy day. We imagine sitting in front of the fireplace wrapped in a warm blanket whilst watching the gloomy weather from the comfort of our homes. The mood for staying under the covers and reading a book or articles online, for watching movies, or simply for reflection - on life, the future, of the next step to take.

Our experiences today will be different from ones we have tomorrow and ones we had yesterday. Some days are good, other days will be better. But in any given moment we have only the moment. A moment to spend reflecting from within. A moment where we focus on one task instead of five or six.

Oftentimes we forget to set aside time during the day for contemplation. We claim we are 'too busy' to do something. We fill our day with endless appointments and obligations - some out of duty, others self-imposed. We claim we have no time, yet we have the same 24 hours as anyone else. It is up to each one of us to choose how to use those precious hours.

Rain brings about a great opportunity to sit somewhere alone in silence and ruminate. The chance to ponder the move we make next and reflect on all of life's circumstances which have brought us to the place we are now. The circumstances and experiences we have lived through are those which have shaped who we are today. An individual unlike anyone else.