sage and 3d puzzle

Sage was overjoyed to see how much of the 3D puzzle was finished. We completed two sides of the CMY cube this morning and saved the other two for tomorrow. Having been bedridden most of the day with a back brace, I mustered as much strength as I could to help my boy separate the cubes into four groups and then line them up in the order according to the directions.

Whereas Sage was at first skeptical about the puzzle I chose for him at Terra Toys this past weekend, he was now thankful I bought it for him. The unique piece was unlike anything the children had received in the past and the beautiful colours are truly striking together. I knew my little builder would have fun assembling the colourful cube. Locking the black rods into place proved a bit of a challenge which he mastered in a short time despite the game being rated for a starting age of ten.

The day started early after a restless night. Unable to turn from side to side without much effort and having given too much thought to issues which should not have been given so much thinking in the first place, I was weary as the morning dawned. Sage was up earlier than I was and had already gone downstairs to assemble the remaining three cubes. Afterwards, we ate the last of the challah bread for breakfast and I promised my boy I would make more later this week along with the pumpkin pie he requested last week. 

Incessant rains of Saturday caused me to leave two packages of bottled water and one box of sparkling water we bought at Costco in the back of the van. It was only yesterday that I was able to bring the boxes into the house - my back issues having been caused by carrying heavy items first thing in the morning.

Sometimes setbacks will come along to challenge our steadfastness - our commitment to something. In those challenging times we need to remember the goal we set out for ourselves and continue on the path to our future despite the difficulties. Monday seemed to last forever but the promise of a new day is not far.