book by watson

Our story writes itself with each passing minute. Every hour adds a new paragraph. Every today writes a chapter. Tomorrow begins a new chapter of the story of our lives.

People we encounter become the characters in our book. Some end up being the main characters. Some are supporting characters which stay for but a while. Others exit in the middle of the book. At times there will be unexpected plot twists and unanticipated turns in the story. The ending is unknown until the last breath we take.

People who make you laugh are ones you hope will stay. People whose relentless love touches your cold heart are rare but at one point they leave to continue focus on their own life. People move on. Such is life. Loss is part of life.

At times chapters will seem empty. There will be times you are alone. Mistakes will be made. Chapters will end too soon. Regrets will ensue. But the story continues nonetheless.

At the moment we think we have figured out how it will all end, something or someone comes along to add a new chapter in our story. We can never anticipate how something will turn out. We simply need to continue writing our story and believe the best is yet to come.