niederegger hearts
“Why do we have to listen to our hearts?” “Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you’ll find your treasure.”” – Paulo Coelho

Dublin a year ago today... walking two hours from the Clontarf Castle Hotel, camera bag slung over my shoulder, in search of the 3fE coffee house. Watching an old man in the park carefully select leaves whilst I photographed him doing so. The long wait to see my beloved band later that night at the O2 and having to deal with the rude Irish bus driver on my way to the concert whilst the nice lady on the bus made sure I got on the correct train to my destination.

Dublin was never meant to be. The concert was the reason, yet there was no need for my trip to Ireland as I was going to see Depeche Mode in Glasgow - the reason for my travel to Scotland last November. A last minute decision turned out to be a good decision. However, not all last minute decisions are good, especially when made at a time when one is tired, hungry, or angry.

Decisions made in haste are seldom good decisions. Had I slept on my decision to leave for home early on Friday, my mind would have been clearer in the morning. Haste makes waste in this case. Time wasted which otherwise would have been better spent watching rain from indoors and taking time to enjoy the precious moments of stillness.