town lights

He wanted me to grab my camera as he summoned me to the kitchen window. 'I thought you might want to take a picture of this' I heard him say. It was almost 1,30 in the morning and we were still awake, taking advantage of the time we had after his late return home from work.

He opened the window. It was incredibly cold but so wonderful and thoughtful of him to consider my love of photography. The lights in the distance were beautiful. I took the photo and he closed the window.

The Christmas lights were lit this evening as I returned from a short walk outside. I waited all day for the rain to end, but there was no end other than the few minutes in between the next rain. I walked over to his work to say hi. He was dressed in his black chef's uniform as he stepped outside the kitchen. Even time for a brief hello and a kiss meant everything to me.

bookstore alley

As limited as our time is on the days he works, I appreciate the moments he takes for the little things. Last night he did not need to eat dinner with me as he had already eaten at work, but he sat down and kept me company. We ate the lentil soup with mashed potatoes I made.

ennis christmas lights

The rain today kept me indoors most of the day. I'm hoping tomorrow I can venture outdoors and purchase those postcards I plan on sending out.