polar express day both

Today was Polar Express Day. The children wore pajamas and slippers at school, drank hot cocoa with marshmallows, and watched the 'Polar Express' movie. The hot cocoa was evident on Sage's face as he descended the stairs of the bus. Yesterday he was lamenting having to drink hot cocoa, stating he did not like it. The chocolate around his mouth today stated otherwise.

sagey bear

Whilst I normally would not allow my children to go out in public in their pajamas, this was a case where I gave in for the sake of the holiday celebration at school. Sage wore his blue striped pajamas with a polar bear on his pajama top whilst his sister donned pink striped pajamas with a penguin on the her pajama top. Both children were excited to spend the day in their pajamas and watch the movie at school.

cinnamon penguin

When Sage and Cinnamon came home today, they ran to their advent calendars. That is, after washing their hands and changing clothes. Earlier in the day when I spoke with Saffron on Skype, she informed me the Playmobil calendar was actually for Cinnamon whilst the Lego Friends calendar was for Sage. I questioned the girl Legos for Sage. Saffron stated the only other option was Star Wars and she knew her brother did not like Star Wars.

So, the children continued to open up a few more windows on the boxes today. Normally they would open one a day but since we received the calendars late and due to the fact the children are at my place every other week, the process was accelerated.

I recall every Christmas all three children would sit at the bar at the old place and open up a tiny drawer on their wooden advent train which Oma sent them. Inside would be three pieces of chocolates or candies, one for each of them. Usually this would be gummy letters or bears, Christmas M&Ms, and marzipan. I'm not sure if they are continuing this tradition at their old place as the train is no longer in my possession.

Tradition is important, especially this time of year. This year things are different as the children are spending Christmas at their father's place then coming to my place the evening of the 25th as their father leaves on a trip to Berlin to see our older daughter Saffron. She is greatly looking forward to spending quality time with her father as she has not seen him since August. Christmas in Berlin is a wonderful experience.

I look forward to this time next year. To having all three children and my boyfriend gathered at the dinner table for Christmas dinner. To having a dining table with chairs instead of sitting on the floor at my small coffee table. To creating new traditions in our new family and not having to spend the holidays alone. To starting a new life with my boyfriend who is thinking of moving to the States since I am not able to move to Ireland just yet. Next year will be an interesting year for us all.