december sunset

The day was unusual for what one would consider Christmas weather. Stepping out the front door this morning, I noticed how unbelievably warm it was for a day late in December. Today there was no need for a winter coat or boots as the temperature reached a high of 23 degrees Celcius. It felt like a warm spring day but such is the unpredictable weather in Texas.

I went about my day with the intension of crossing many things off my list but ended up doing close to nothing. The traffic on Mopac made it near impossible to get anywhere in a timely manner and parking at any store would have tested even the most patient of human beings.

At Terra Toys, I must have circled the parking lot for at least 20 minutes before grabbing a spot which finally opened. My efforts were futile as I found nothing I couldn't locate online for a lesser price, so I left. The journey home took more of my precious time away. I should remember that going anywhere at noon is to be avoided if at all possible.

Once home, I made a most wonderful salad for a late afternoon lunch. It consisted of arugula, San Marzano tomatoes, nicoise olives, feta, cheddar, avocado, candied pecans, sea salt, Urfa crushed chilies, and balsamic vinegar. I wished to make soup but it was already late in the day. Perhaps tomorrow. Today did not feel like soup weather.

As the day was ending and the sun bid its farewell, I noticed an intense pink light coming in through the windows. I looked outside and marveled at nature. The sky was a most incredible display of warm colours combined with grey and purples. I ran upstairs to grab my camera as I wished to remember this surreal image of a sunset in December. It almost looked as if the sky was Photoshopped. It was simply nature enchanting us with its beauty.