seena sleeping daybed

All three of us slept on the daybed couch by the fireplace last night. Somehow we all fit but it was quite snug. Little feet and arms were flying about at times which made it difficult to sleep but I had promised the children we would all sleep there on the new daybed. They are small for but a while, so I gladly obliged.

We stayed indoors all day. The only time I opened the door was to run outside in the cold down a few feet to the mailboxes to see if I had received the Christmas card from my boyfriend. I had not and I am guessing mine also had not yet arrived in Ireland. Usually this exchange of snail mail takes no longer than three days - as was the case with our birthday cards - but the holidays managed to slow the transport quite a bit.

The children were under the weather. They were coughing and had the sniffles and were overall tired. More sleep was needed and this is what they did after breakfast. The fireplace was on so it was warm and they crawled back under the warm down comforter and drifted off to sleep for another hour.

sage daybed sleeping

Later in the morning Saffron called to talk with her sister and brother. The weekend and holidays have been the only times she was able to see and talk with them on Skype due to the seven hour time difference. They were all excited, stating how they missed each other. Then they discussed what they had received as Christmas presents.

I still wish all three children could have been home together this holiday season. Sadly, my ability to do anything about the circumstances is out of my control - similar to my having to move closer to where the ex wishes to move because of his new girlfriend later this year. Perhaps there is another option but I do not see one at the moment.

A message on Facebook from family in Croatia required my response. They were wondering if I was divorced and had moved out of Austin. We exchanged messages for a while until we decided on Skype. It had been a long time since I had seen them - too long - but I am glad we reconnected.

The last time I was in Croatia was close to nine years ago. A visit to family is long overdue. I am hoping to go at one point with my boyfriend to introduce him to my Croatian family. I have no doubt they would all get along nicely as our natures are similar. After sending a photo of us - the one we took in Cork in October as I balanced my DSLR on a stone monument and set the timer - I heard from both my cousin and her husband 'nice...very have great taste'. I smiled.

The rest of the day was spent working on puzzles with Sage and Cinnamon. I worked on the 500-piece Endangered animals puzzle with Sage and then walked over to where Cinnamon was working on her 150-piece Adorable Bunny puzzle by the fireplace. Tomorrow we will continue our puzzling together as I enjoy puzzles. Our sleepy Saturday was time well spent.

endangered animals puzzle