suas window

A rainy Sunday spent sleeping in until sometime around 8am. Or was it 9am. I am not sure of the exact time as time is not of the essence when you are on vacation. I know it was well before noon as we were sitting and eating breakfast by 10am.

Breakfast is a wonderful experience when you are lucky enough to have someone else prepare it for you. But more so when you get to share the meal with that someone else - my boyfriend in this case. It was simple yet delicious. A sunny-side up egg, yellow bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers, baby tomatoes with feta, sliced cheese, and French bread. There were so many vegetables that I might have even left one out.

We ate on the couch whilst watching Friends. Many episodes until the soccer game came on. Later in the day we walked the three or so minutes to Dunnes Stores for leeks and other provisions. I was to make potato and leek soup for a late lunch. After leaving the store, we went our separate ways for half an hour. He returned to the flat to watch the game and I walked over to Suas Coffeehouse for a flat white and a fruit scone.

The guy at the coffeehouse recognised me from before. 'Oh, you've been away' he commented as I walked in. I told him 'yes, and I am back for nine days this time'. The place is small but was crowded today. I waited for a table by the window so I could photograph the scenery outdoors from the top floor.

The table was one for four people and I knew I would have to relinquish it at one point if more people showed up. I took my photograph and ordered my coffee and scone before having to move to a smaller table. Sundays are busy but the weather was much better suited to stay indoors and enjoy a cup of coffee.

I returned to the flat and started to chop the leeks and onions for the soup. My boyfriend was still tired, not having slept much the days before I arrived. He was happy to see me and glad I was going to make some food for us. He wanted to help but I replied that I know how to cook. 'Monica' he said - referencing my previous statement about my being similar to Monica on Friends, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

He watched another soccer game whilst I prepared the soup. After it was cooked, we returned to the store for wine and fruit for dinner. It was raining, cold, and windy when we left but it stopped raining on our way back home.

As he started dinner preparations, I spoke with Saffron on Skype. She is still in Berlin and has another two months until she returns home. At one point she had to eat dinner but called back afterwards. I prepared the sea bass for dinner, chopping garlic and slicing lemons, and placed all in parchment paper along with salt and urfa red chilies.

My boyfriend prepared the baby potatoes with sliced onions and his dinner of lamb cutlets. At the moment I am taking a break from eating meat - other than fish, which I do consider meat.  We drank the Valpolicella wine despite it having tasted as if it was watered down.

We ate our lovely dinner as we watched Groundhog Day. My daughter commented on how boring the movie is when I told her what was on the television in the background as we talked. She said everything happens over and over again. It's true but it is a great movie nonetheless.

I am grateful for my boyfriend's boss having been so generous in letting him have time off work for the first four days of my visit. I enjoyed yesterday's time at Knox's watching the Liverpool game and drinking a pint of Guinness. Today's carefree Sunday was also memorable.