rainy window

A cold front swept in this morning, bringing along the rain. Rain that graced us for hours on end. One comes to appreciate days like today after the sweltering heat of summer that lasts well into September.

So, I embraced this day and stayed indoors - turning on the fireplace for the first time this season. I busied myself with some decorating but mostly enjoyed the sound of the rain hitting the pavement below my window. It's days like this you simply want to get a blanket, sit on the sofa by the fireplace, and read or think or write. To be still and listen to a different sound of nature.

As summer draws to a close, we find ourselves catapulted into autumn - a time when the kitchen comes alive with warm soups, stews, and comfort foods. A time when the oven, with its sweet aroma of spice-filled cakes, fills the house with that familiarity only autumn brings.

The seasons change, as they do every year, but each new day is different from the day before. Every day is unique. New experiences. New thoughts. New opportunities.