lemon yogurt cake

"When life gives you lemons..." - make lemonade? No. Make cake. Zest two lemons, combine with yogurt, eggs, sugar, flour, leavening, butter, salt. Nothing complicated. Nothing fancy. No frosting or ganache or glaze. A simple 6" cake for Monday.

The kids are back this week. Sage building his Lego car...

legos building

And Cinnamon reading a book she checked out from the school library...

cinnamon reading

Cinnamon insisted we go to the pool after school today. So we did. And we had most of the pool area to ourselves. Afterwards we had lentil soup, tortillas with Tillamook cheddar, and lemon yogurt cake.

Sage was explaining to me how sparkling water is made "first you put in bubbles, then water, then you mix it together".

As to how bubbles are made. Simple... "with soap". Nice.

I skipped the bubble water and had Nero d'Avola instead.