colorado stones

Rejection is never easy to accept - in any form. Dating, job search, finding a publisher for your book, or any other endeavour which requires an exchange of ideas, time, and money.

I knew that getting back into the work force was going to be an uphill battle after being gone for over eight years to have my three children. It's absurd to believe that the first job you find will be "the one". But employers...please be honest. I know it's not an American thing - honesty, that is - but don't tell me I'm not qualified to file papers, answer emails, and do basic office work. Have you looked at my CV? Do you not see that Bachelor's degree in Finance with a  minor in Economics + accounting classes. Does having attained one of the top IS certifications mean nothing? Granted I'm not in IT anymore, but it takes discipline to sit and study for the CISSP or any other exam.

Yes, I realise "things happen for a reason" and "there is something better around the corner". Or "it wasn't meant to be". I get it. But be honest about why I was passed over for a job I can do in my sleep. Tell me I'm overqualified and you think I'd be bored out of my mind. Tell me you think I would ask for more money than you were planning on paying for that position. Tell me my going overseas to visit my daughter in Germany (something I was honest to disclose) was the reason. Or simply tell me you don't like me or my style. That is all fine. I am me. I will never be anyone else but me. Like me for who I am, but never tell me I'm not good enough.