autumn flowers

The first day of autumn. A time of change. The overall mood of the season shifts towards comfort this time of year as we start to spend more time in the kitchen baking foods that make us feel good.

This morning was one of those days as I unwrapped a new cookie sheet and proceeded to bake scones. I'm still getting used to another oven and figuring out how to set up an efficient kitchen.

As I started to peel away the protective blue plastic film on my cookie sheet, I wondered why. Why was this warning necessary and how many complaints did the customer service department at Vollrath receive about blue plastic melting in the oven? I shook my head in disbelief and continued with my scone making.

cookie sheet warning

Banana oat scones. The first scones of the season and the first baked in a "new" oven. The kids each had two with a glass of cream top milk before heading to a picnic with their father. I stayed home and continued to bake today's cake to take over to Sunday dinner at the ex's later in the evening.

One tradition I hope to instill is the coming together for dinner on Sundays. The kids already look forward to it and remember to say "Happy Sunday" when we sit together around the table. This week's menu was grilled salmon, green beans with almonds and lemon, and grilled corn. Next week will be my week to host.

banana oat scones

My intension was to make an orange spice layer cake with mascarpone cream frosting. However, upon further inspection of my spices, I discovered I lacked cardamom and ginger. I also did not have mascarpone but was going to remedy that issue with whipped cream instead of the mascarpone.

The other choice was an orange hazelnut cake. Since ground hazelnuts were also absent from my pantry, I settled on a new recipe I had written in January (but never tested) involving melting raw local honey and light muscavado sugar with butter, lemon zest, and lemon juice.

The result was good, judging on the fact that not a slice was left to take home and photograph the next day. I find that a 5" (12.7 cm) cake is a perfect size for one evening.

lemon honey cake

Autumn is also a time to start something new. In my case, returning to work on my bake book of small simple cakes. Despite the fact that three publishers have already rejected my queries, I will continue with my recipe development. Giving up is not an option. A lesson children need to learn early on as they encounter the frustrations of life.

So ends another week of co-parenting life with the younger two in Texas and the oldest in Germany.

seena sunday
sage sunday bw

Autumn is here. Another summer has passed. I look forward to cooler weather, more baking, and evenings spent reading and writing.

autumn grass