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I almost gave my friend in Ireland a heart attack when I mentioned how expensive it is to live here in Austin. In some ways, you're selling your soul. Or at least an arm and a leg for rent.

"You pay what?!"

"Per month?!"

"Yes", I replied. And that's living 30 minutes outside of downtown.

People in Europe seem to believe that America is some enchanted land. A land where everything is possible. While part of that is true, this possibility comes at a price. For many, it might mean giving away half of your income for rent or a mortgage. For a select few, life is a bit better but more of your time is sacrificed in order to earn a higher income, which means less time for family and living. A vicious circle.


Austin has become almost as expensive a place to live as the Bay Area - a place I escaped in order to raise a family. When I think about paying my rent every month, I wonder where else could I live to make the money last longer. California is out of the question, as is New York.

The stress of finding a job is weighing on me. I know that at some point, I will find something. I will not starve, nor will my children. Life is not as bad as it could be, but we always want things to be better. How much we're willing to sacrifice is the question left to answer.

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