yellow flowers bw

Cold, impersonal, curt...words to describe the person on the other end of the phone line at a government agency. No notable pleasantness to be detected. Even a feigning one.

Warm, friendly, patient...words to describe the lady at the airlines help desk who went out of her way and took a "very complicated" (in her own words) situation and presented a workable solution.

Helpful and diligent are two words I would use to describe the credit card company as they both called and texted me to inform me someone was attempting to make a charge with my card on an airline's site. "Yes, that was me", I replied and thanked them and proceeded to finalise my flights to Europe next month.

The little ones have returned. The cheery one and the pensive one. The talkative one I will be visiting shortly. Three children, each with their own distinct personality.

cinnamon sincere
sage pensive

Asleep before 20:00 tonight after two bedtime stories (the library books they each brought home) and a requested dinner of polenta - or "lalenta", according to Sage. The return to schedules and routines is underway.