"Tomorrow is Sunday!", exclaimed Cinnamon yesterday afternoon.

"What will we have for our special breakfast? Scones?", she continued.

This Sunday morning it was French toast. Three eggs, whisked with milk, a spoonful of raw cane sugar, and cinnamon. Made with the last of the challah bread. Topped with pure maple syrup with raspberries on the side.

french toast

Sundays are special. At least they should be. It should be a time when we slow down before the new week begins - before the weekdays speed past us. A day when we spend more time in the kitchen baking something special. Sunday cake is what the kids look forward to in addition to the special breakfast and Sunday dinner. Getting used to that routine will take some time, especially with the new schedule. This is the end of the second week of co-parenting. Tomorrow starts my "off" week.

In time, things will get better. A little progress each week.

Today was the return to scouts, with the boy getting to attend this year. While I waited for the one and a half hour session to finish, I sat at a coffeehouse nearby and had an "artist taco". My "design" was simple...cilantro lime rice with black beans and potatoes (fried thin strings of potatoes).

It's difficult to be bored when you have a camera in your hand. I took some random photos whilst I ate, then walked around to find more to photograph.

cherrywood coffee
red orange mosaic table
cafe lights
sign post holes
fence leaves

I will see them in 7 days...