bare tree jan18

The sun was shining ever so brightly today and it was warm outside. The same 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit) it was yesterday. It was nice enough to take a walk around the neighbourhood, but I could not take advantage of the sunny outdoors today nor for the rest of this month and into February.

Construction noises were absent today as the workers took a day off. It was a pleasant silence and perfect for uninterrupted reading on the daybed by the fireplace. The sounds of my children were also absent today as they are with their father this weekend and into next week. Had they been here, I would have made French toast or lemon ricotta pancakes. Instead, I made myself a simple breakfast consisting of two slices of bread (one with brie and avocado, the other with peanut butter and honey), an orange, and cashews. No coffee.

After my morning chat with my boyfriend, I got up to wash a few dishes before settling on the daybed to read. Nestled under my down comforter, I kept warm as I read. I have almost gotten used to the dysfunctional heating but look forward to a new place where all is working as should be. At one point, I took a break to make a quick lunch of red chard with potatoes, garlic, and olive oil - a dish called 'blitva' in Croatia.


Later in the afternoon, I craved something sweet. Not the chocolate chips sitting in my pantry but something baked. I decided on a poppy seed lemon cake. The cake I made in a 5-inch cake pan with a recipe I wrote whilst in Edinburgh over a year ago. It was good but I will revise the recipe a bit and test it again when I am in Ireland next month.

In the evening, I reconnected with boyfriend on Skype. He was ready for bed, I was ready to start dinner. We realised this year will be a great challenge with moving forward. The paperwork, the job situation for us both, the finding a new place to live. All of those things are taxing on a relationship but the distance is something we can do nothing about at the moment. Our time will come to be together but not as soon as we would like.

Dinner was in the oven by the time we spoke again after a short break. Chilean sea bass with butter, garlic, lemon zest, sea salt, and rosemary. 'Rosemary!' he exclaimed. 'Rosemary is for lamb, not fish' he continued. I told him I did not listen to the conventions of food pairings as I sipped red wine - another 'no-no' when it comes to fish such as sea bass. He knows I am unconventional and unique - a nicer way of saying weird or odd. The pairings tasted good to me and was all that mattered.

rosemary sea bass

One must take a day like today and enjoy it for its simplicity. When life gives you solitude, take advantage of it, for there will be days when we will look back and wish we had.