seena rainbow fish

Sage was cold this morning during breakfast. As he was sitting on his stool with his legs crisscrossed in front of him, he fidgeted and ended up knocking over his bowl of cereal all over the tablecloth and onto the floor. Milk was everywhere and at this point I wished I had the glass table we all sat at since the children were born. Seeing how there was no time for him to start over with another bowl of cereal, I had him go get ready for school whilst I prepared the lunches.

Getting Cinnamon and Sage to the bus stop today was trying as well. Whether it was missing mittens or shoes too tight, something prevented at least one of the children from making it to the car in a timely manner. Luckily, we have always made it to the bus stop on time thus far but it has been close at least once this past week.

After dropping off the children at the bus stop, I readied myself for the trip to downtown. I wanted to make it back home well before noon since Friday tends to be busier than most days around noon. After my errand at the courthouse, I wished to get a cappuccino at The Hideout.

Downtown Austin is great if you are lucky enough to find a parking spot. Today I spent at least 15 minutes navigating the one-way streets in search of parking close enough to the coffeehouse before deciding to simply go back home. Coffee would have to wait until another time.

Saffron called an hour earlier than her usual time. As I was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen, I did not have much time to talk with her. This did not suit her and she let me know it, but some things cannot be avoided or put off for later. I will see her soon enough and will talk with her more tomorrow.

The lentil soup I had intended on making today was never made. Mostly I knew the children would not be up to eating it since they would have dinner with their father anyways. The plan was to come home directly after school. However, I noticed Cinnamon was missing her pink winter coat. 'Oh, I had it before', was her reply when I asked her where her coat was. Not the answer I wanted to hear.

As soon as the children were buckled in their seats, we drove to the school to see if the jacket could be located. The children have Monday and Tuesday off from school and I was afraid if we waited until next Wednesday, the jacket would be gone for good. Cinnamon ran to her classroom and retrieved her coat which the teacher found and put in her locker. Crisis averted - this time.

When we returned home, the children went upstairs and wanted to read on their beds. Cinnamon ended up reading 'Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea' to me and Sage. Except for the word 'siphonophore', she read the book flawlessly. Her love of reading pleases me greatly.

The children are now with their father and will stay with him for the next three weeks. As I was leaving, I told them I would see them Monday at the airport when we all go to greet Saffron home from her six-month journey to Berlin. Oma is accompanying her and will be staying with the three children for the next two weeks. Albeit a trying Friday, the weeks to come will bring much needed rest and enjoyment.