orange sky tree

Something about Sundays seems to trigger time to slow to a crawl. Even the drivers on the road enjoy a leisurely pace as they seem to be going nowhere in particular. On this endless Sunday I longed to be elsewhere but found myself at home, venturing outdoors long enough to capture the sun's last light.

Though I could have used the time better, the motivation was lacking today for whatever reason. On the other side of the world he was alone at home as well. We chatted a few times throughout the day but nothing replaces our being together in person. Soon, I thought.

During the week as we return to a schedule filled with school and work, we will long for the time we took for granted. The time we could have simply enjoyed the serenity of a relaxing day. For this reason we need a day at least once a week which seems without end so that we may appreciate the little things life has to offer.