sunset tree 1013

The plane coasted along on the highway. I was in it but at the same time was watching from afar with another woman next to me in a car. As we drove along the highway, we kept our eyes on the plane and hoped the woman pilot would not veer from the road. She did, and ended up crashing into a river.

We both watched to see if either of us survived. ‘You’re alive’ I saw myself say to the woman next to me. As we waited to see if I would emerge from the crash, I awoke to the reality of morning.

This was not the first time this year I have been jolted awake from a dream of crashing planes. Research reveals an interesting and truthful interpretation of the meaning of such a dream.

There are many explanations about the meaning of plane crash dreams but all seem to focus on our inability to control a situation and the accompanying fears. Planes, in general, symbolise our goals in life. A crashing plane could indicate the anxiety and failure of achieving those goals. Additionally, dreams of crashing planes can mean apprehension about future finances or about any future change in general.

Another interpretation cites self-doubt about being able to achieve the goals we have set out to make. Our courage and determination might have suffered along the way and have made room for the lack of confidence we feel.

All of these interpretations make perfect sense given my current situation. When faced with a life-changing decision, we experience doubt in being able to succeed. We get discouraged and lose motivation to keep going on our intended path. Finding our way back is easier said than done but is a necessary step.

Our daily struggles manifest themselves in our dreams if we cannot resolve them whilst awake. At such point, we need to access our current situation to see how we can return to our path of success without letting anyone, including ourselves, talk us out of our goals.