sage inspects

The rain arrived this morning. It was a lovely feeling to have a taste of autumn. I dropped the children off at school and continued on my way to the gym. Afterwards I relished the two hours sitting at the hair salon and listening to my hairdresser tell me about the Kindle Paperwhite whislt waiting to see the results of my new colour.

Traveling with a device where I could store thousands of books instead of taking up space in my luggage was intriguing but something I have avoided since I first discovered the electronic reading device. I prefer to have a physical book in my hands. Nonetheless it is worth considering.

As I turned on my street and approached my driveway, the fallen tree was nowhere in sight. Then my gaze turned to the right and I noticed the rest of the tree was gone. The lawn company chopped it down as promised whilst I was away.

The leaves around the tree covered up the stump. I had hoped to have had more of a stump remaining for the children to sit on but seeing how this is not my house the issue was not significant.

The rain returned this afternoon. By the time I drove to the school to pick up the children, the rain was merely a sprinkle. We sat down to a snack of strawberries and vanilla wafers and waited the hour until Saffon's ballet practice. When we returned home the children took turns sitting on the tree stump. It was now safe for them to play in the front yard again.

the three by stump

With the tree gone, so were my days of photographing it when I could find nothing else for my daily photo. This would force me to expand my creativity instead of settling for the first object outside my door.

ballet studio chairs

As I checked my email throughout the day for a reply from the landlord about the tree, I was stumped by his lack of response. Having sent three emails to him yesterday when I found the fallen tree in the yard, I have yet to receive a response. Whatever the case, removing the tree was a better option than risking a damaged house or damaged people.