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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
— Neale Donald Walsch

Within the walls of our homes we stay, day after day. It feels safe. There is nothing to fear. We venture out of doors on occasion, out of necessity. As such we limit our lives and come up with myriad of excuses as to why we cannot go out of the bounds of our comfort zone into the zone of discomfort.

In this discomfort zone we are vulnerable. We wonder what people will think of us. We wonder if we will succeed or fall to the ground and never be able to get back up. Fear limits our endless possibilities. The fear of meeting new people, of writing that book we have been dreaming of for years, of going after our dream job despite the steep climb to success.

Success seems out of reach, so we settle for the comfort of what we know as it has not failed us. But comfort is a crutch. It holds us up and pushes us down at the same time. Within the confines of this comfort we need not make the effort to change though we know change is an inevitable part of life.

Change causes us to stop and think. Is the path we are on now the right one? Is there another one which is better?  As we continue on our path, we realise we cannot turn back. The past is gone and we are left standing in the present moment as we visualise our future.

The future stands before us. In order to get there we must move forward. To move forward is to push past the limits of our comfort zone in order to enter a place where all seems strange and new. The place where we stop existing and start living.