beach past greyabbey

I was awake before the sun. I could no longer sleep. Thoughts of baking circled in my mind. By the time the clock struck 08,00h the cinnamon scones and 5" yogurt cake were out of the oven and the spaghetti sauce was simmering on the stove for half an hour already.

At 09,00h he went to Vivo for the four fresh baked baguettes which were waiting for us. We sat at the large dining table and ate breakfast together. The rest of the day was spent reading or watching whatever we each found online. In the evening we returned to the table for spaghetti and zucchini feta pancakes with half of the yogurt cake for dessert.

We spoke few words to each other throughout the day even when we went on a short walk to the beach. As we have had few chances to live together and learn more about each other we realise we have more to learn. Every once in a while we need a quiet day to think about what we have and how far we have come.