kitchen skylights

'Are you going somewhere?' he asked as we sat at the breakfast table wondering why I had put on makeup and dressed in something other than my indoors clothes after my shower today.

'No. Are you?' I shot back as I explained I could ask the same after he shaved and put on cologne. At least we were having some kind of conversation today.

The morning started out as last night had left off but was turned around not long after our breakfast. My boyfriend went out for bread whilst I took a quick shower after which I sat on the small sofa by the window reading something on my laptop. Somehow I was not up to preparing breakfast this morning.

Even on vacation we wish to take a break from cooking once in a while. Secretly I had hoped he would take over this morning. I was glad when he opened the door to the kitchen to let me know breakfast was ready. Sunny side up eggs as I like them accompanied by baby tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and the various Gouda cheeses. And the fresh baguettes he bought this morning. The breakfast he made thawed the ice and we started to speak once again.

Afterwards we decided to go on a walk to the village centre and peruse the gift shop by the coffee house. As we approached Main Street we was Monday. Everything is closed Mondays and Tuesdays. I was disappointed as I wished to see if I could find something for my children. We would have to wait until Wednesday to return.

The rest of the day we spent in the living room listening to cars and the horse which passes by the cottage at least once a day. Somehow I never manage to grab my camera in time. I spent my afternoon on the sofa by the window studying whilst he sat on the other sofa watching something Slovakian on his laptop.

We felt a bit cagey in the cottage and the village as there was nothing else to do and nowhere else to go without a car. We returned to the kitchen in the evening and ate the rest of the spaghetti for dinner and the other half of the yogurt cake for dessert.