rose cottage

'Tomorrow we go shopping' Mario exclaimed.

'Oh yay' I clapped my hands. My sarcasm did not go unnoticed.

One more day. We have to make through one more day before we make our way back to Ennis.

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'You will like Ennis now' I heard him say. Though I spent most of the last two summers in Ennis, in addition to weeks during autumn and winter last year, I always found I ran out of things to do as I waited for him to return home from work. This time I would think how it could be worse. I could be stuck in a place where there really is nothing to do. Like this tiny village.

We slept in late, waking up at 09,00h. He dressed and went to get the daily baguettes. Four again as he ate the rest last night. We had the usual for breakfast. Bread with cheese and raw vegetables. As yesterday.

Afterwards we plopped ourselves back on the sofas in the living room where we resorted to our computers. Though I could have studied more today I figured today was a slow day. Certainly being cooped up in this cottage is having an effect on us both.

In the early afternoon I walked into the kitchen to make vegetable soup with carrots, potatoes, leeks, onions, and celery. As the soup was cooking I made an orange rosemary cake - my favourite thus far and one we devoured by the end of the day. 

It rained throughout the day but at one point we decided to go for a walk. We walked up the road towards Belfast for five minutes before finding out there was nothing for us to see but small houses and trees. We retreated home and picked up where we left off - on our sofas.

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'Are you eating again' I asked as he walked in from the kitchen with yet another banana stuffed in his mouth.

'It's just a banana' he replied. I told him there must be some kind of limit as to how many bananas one can eat during the day. I looked it up online and laughed at a question someone posed.

'Can you die from eating too many bananas?' was the question posed by someone from Minnesota. The reply was long but I laughed at one part: 'It is hard to imagine that people who are healthy are going to be killing themselves with bananas. It’s hard to imagine someone eating 25 bananas in a day, much less 250.'

I returned to the kitchen to start dinner. We had to use up what was in the refrigerator and thus I decided to make something with potatoes, carrots, spinach, leek, milk, feta, and eggs. The result was a vegetarian moussaka which we ate with a simple salad of arugula, baby tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, feta, and Urfa chilies.

We waited an hour or so to return to our places at the dining table and enjoy the last of the orange rosemary cake.