no 14

'Oh really' the shopkeeper exclaimed as he let her know of his plans to move to America. He then spent three minutes discussing the issue with her.  When he arrived at the counter to pay for the breads, the young cashier said 'I hear you're moving to America.'

Such was the conversation between my boyfriend and the people at the local grocery shop which he retold me as he walked in the door with our breakfast baguettes and croissants. After the lemon incident, we sat down to a quiet breakfast. Misunderstandings have a way of getting the best of us lately. But all was well when he called me on Skype from the living room as I sat in the bedroom.

We went shopping today as planned. First to the antique shops on one side of the street, of which one was open, then to the opposite side to a shop filled with modern items. Mostly handmade jewelry. I fancied a red coral bracelet but could not get myself to buy it. I searched the entire shop for something for my children but did not find anything worthwhile. I saw a book, The Girl in the Photograph, which looked interesting and wanted to think about returning later to get it.

antique shops

We took one more walk to the beach. The tide was low and the sun was shining strong. But it was still cold. We returned to the cottage and did not leave until later in the afternoon when we walked back to the shop where the dapper shopkeeper wore a tie which was quite unlikely attire for a village without places to go dressed up.

suuny beach

'You probably think I've been sitting behind this laptop since you left. I haven't. I've been upstairs...' he trailed off as he defended his sitting behind the desk. I handed him the book I selected which ended up being discounted by 30 percent. It looked interesting. The work 'photograph' in the title caught my attention amidst a stack of books above it.

Life is different in a small place such as this where we spent the past thirteen days. Though we wanted to leave after the second day, we are partly glad we stayed. Partly due to the fact things were not as we had expected. Certainly technology has taken much time away from spending quality time together as we relied on online entertainment instead of taking time to sit and read.

I envisioned us sitting in the living room listening to the crackling of the fire in the fireplace which was pictured online when I booked this cottage. I doubt I would have booked this place had I known the fireplace was not functioning. Also, had I known that a car was so important to get to the outer lying towns, we would have looked for another place to spend our two weeks together. The traffic was yet one more issue but not something one would know specifically to ask.

But things are as they are and we learn from this experience. We learned for next time to ask many questions. We learned we need not take so many clothes when traveling. We know to reduce our time online and spend more time together. But the next time we see each other will be a long time away for us. Perhaps next summer. Which is why this time was so important for us.

Though we are glad to leave tomorrow we know the days we have left together are few before my flight back to the States. Then we will rely on Skype once again as we both return to our lives apart.