ireland sun

My journey this morning found me in between homes once again. As many times as I have travelled to and from Ireland to see Mario, I will never get used to that feeling of having to leave. To leave him. Us. Both in a state of helplessness as we somehow go about our daily lives. Together, yet apart.

We both awoke before the 05,30h alarm went off, having slept no more than three hours. I packed my bags the night before but there were still those last minute items left to pack. The toiletries bag, the clothes worn the night before, and the slippers being the last item as I zipped up my tall waterproof boots on my way out the door.

There has never been a time when Mario could not find some friend to drive me to the airport. Friends willing to awaken before the sun has had a chance to rise over the horizon in order to drive a friend's girlfriend the half hour to the airport are good friends indeed.

He waited as I checked in my bag. This time I waited in the MileagePlus Premier line though I am sure if I kept proper track of all my airline miles I would have attained a status higher than Silver. We both wished we could be travelling back to the States together. We both knew it was not possible this time but keep waiting for the time when it will be possible.

This time it was different. This time we have no future travel in mind as before when we would look forward to February or June or the following November. Our embrace was long. Though we tried to smile as we said goodbye, our hearts were saddened once more as we both walked in opposite directions.