saffi iphone

Today was the start of the dry run week. I told them this morning we would be practicing getting out the door by 07,15h as that is the time I would have be in the car and on my way to work next Monday. They failed. We all failed.

Though my children assured me all of their items for the next day were prepared the night before, they somehow forgot a few items. Namely what they would wear. 

'Where are my socks?' Saffi yelled out. 'I need socks!'

'You should have made sure you had them last night' I shot back and reminded her of her having told me she had taken care of everything last night.

There was hurrying and yelling which was neither productive nor a pleasant start to the day. I wondered how I would manage to get out the door on time when I started work. As I hurried them out the garage door, I told them I would be fired if I was late. This simply was not working.

When I got to the gym for my workout, it was already later than I had planned on getting there as I was preoccupied with some organisation before I left. Though I made time to work out today, I was distracted and stressed which is not how I like to start the day or a new week.

The afternoon was no better as I had to meet with my son's teacher to discuss his reading progress. Though the meeting was intended for me and my son's father, the stepmother showed up after I had already started the meeting with the teacher. My son's father showed up late, as usual, after the meeting was over. The good part was that my son is improving.

After school we sat at the table and had our afternoon snack. Hot chocolate made with real chocolate plus the powdered Ghirardelli cocoa and milk. I asked the children about their day and told them we had to get better at the morning routine.

I let them have their iDevices before dinner and made sure they read after dinner. Tomorrow is another day to start over with the hopes of some improvement.