autumn edinburgh

My day started before 09,00h this morning as I went on my jog around The Meadows. This time I took the opposite route, starting where I have finished my jog days prior. The sun had come out though the temperature still warranted having to wear warmer clothing.

After my return home I showered, prepared breakfast, and spoke to my boyfriend on Skype whilst eating my healthy morning meal. In trying to finish off the half dozen eggs before my flight tomorrow, I had two sunny side up eggs along with one tomato, the last of the avocado, yellow bell pepper slices, and bread with the last pieces of a tasty Isle of Mulll cheddar.

I spent the morning at Brew Lab savouring my last time there. At least this year. I ordered a flat white and a gingerbread loaf. As I perused the website of Brew Labs whilst logging in to the Wi-Fi, I noticed their cakes are supplied by lovecrumbs. I thought they looked familiar.

brew lab

I sat in the area behind the front counter, the long communal table with benches. I glanced around at the d├ęcor. Knocked out walls and exposed brick made for an interesting juxtaposition between the oldness of the building and the newness of the counter area. The furniture was reclaimed from various sources. I read up on the story of the coffeehouse as I listened to various conversations around the table.

An older lady with a small video camera made her way around to everyone within her sight of filming to ask it we were fine with her filming us as part of her movie on mental health. We were supposed to be the people enjoying our time as others looked into the open doors to observe a life different and more cheerful than theirs.

This led to my striking up a conversation with the guy across from me who looked a bit like Hugh Grant. Maybe it was the noise in the room or the heavy English accent, but the only thing I understood was him telling me he was not from Scotland.

On the other hand, the girl and guy to the left of me were loud enough for everyone around them to hear. Yes, they were from North America. Americans from Canada, but not Canadians, who were now living in Edinburgh for work or school or something. The people next to them sounded interesting. A professor, I gathered, with long hair and burgundy painted fingernails in need of repainting and a student with a dark brown pixie cut who greeted the guy with a hug.

'My experience with marriage...' the professor started to say, and I wished I could have been a part of their conversation instead of being subjected to the loud Americans. At one point, the English guy left as did the professor but the two Americans simply would not leave. I gave up and left on my way to finish my last day in Edinburgh.

bad children

I searched for gifts for my children and took a last look at the beautiful city of Edinburgh before heading to lovecrumbs for my last flat white and cake. At least for a while. I debated between a chocolate and hazelnut cake or the orange, thyme, and fig cake. I chose the later which turned out to be a great choice. One does not particularly wish to leave Edinburgh but the journey must move on.

edinburgh 1105
edinburgh towards castle