christmas children

Both Santa and the Tooth Fairy made a visit to our house last night. Cinnamon had lost another front tooth last Sunday but Roxie the Tooth Fairy was busy with Christmas preparations for her daughter's first Christmas. She did finally get around to leaving a nice note for Cinnamon along with a $5 bill.

Had it not been for the children staying with me, I doubt I would have even had a tree this year. As it was, we got ours late according to the current standards in the States where all trees at the Christmas tree lots around the city seem to be relinquished to the shredder three days before Christmas. A disheartening revelation which sheds light on the increasing commercialism of Christmas in the States.

Though our celebration was unlike what I had in mind, our hope of celebrating with Mario this year as a family would have to wait another year. As sad as this made the both of us, this year we would have to make do the best we could. The colourful fairy lights went on the tree last night but no ornaments other than the handful of the ones the children made at school and at winter camp earlier this week.

first presents

My heart and soul were simply not into celebrating but I did whatever I could to make the experience a memorable one for the children as possible. When Sage exclaimed 'This is the best Christmas ever!' this morning, I wondered why he thought so. Certainly he did not get everything on his wish list. Santa brought him one item - the large Lego Movie spaceship - whilst bringing the girls each a mermaid doll. They had both asked for mermaid tails.

There was no special Christmas breakfast. The usual table set with the new book and ornament I get for the children every year did not happen this year. There was no Christmas dinner either. We had pizza dough left over from two nights ago - enough for four small pizzas. The children did not mind. In fact, they asked for squished bean soft tacos but I had no refried beans. The special Christmas desserts which every family seems to make were also not a part of our celebration this year. We had an assortment of chocolates instead.

The children were smiling and happy despite all of these unconventional substitutions, including the wine they left out for Santa last night. I figured Santa would need a break from all of the milk at the other houses and would like a change this year. The three were thrilled when they saw the empty wine glass and Kinder eggs on a plate which Santa left in place of the mint star cookies.

wine for santa

As children, we remember the most memorable parts of Christmas as the years pass. My hope this Christmas is that the children will remember our being together. Reading books to the children, eating the last of the Christmas chocolates, and building Lego sets together. Having my three children all under one roof with me is the best present a mother can have no matter how unconventional our celebration.