saffi draws

'I know what I want to be...' Cinnamon started.

'...when you grow up' I continued. I had been waiting for some kind of interest from her other than being a cowgirl or taking care of bunnies. When she replied with wanting to own a bakery, I smiled.

The morning started with all three children coming into my room separately as they awoke. Cinnamon was first and I cuddled with her for at least twenty minutes before she left and Saffron arrived. Another twenty or so minutes later and she left. Sage followed shortly thereafter.

I asked each one of them what they would like to learn and do in the new year. Cooking together was their response. They wished to write down the recipes of the meals we share when they are here.

The career discussion continued as Saffron told her sister she would come by her bakery before going to work as both a fashion model and designer. 'Make croissants' Saffron requested of Cinnamon's bakery offerings. Cinnamon let us know she would be making French toast at her bakery. Sage told her he would also stop by on his way to work as a worker/builder, soccer player, and painter of buildings. I greatly look forward to seeing if they stay on their chosen career paths.

Since it was Sunday, the last one of this old year, the children knew we would have a special Sunday breakfast. 'Can we have French toast' they all pleaded at the same time. I checked to make sure we had enough bread and decided we could indeed have French toast this morning.

'Wait' cried Saffron as she ran upstairs to get her journal - the Elsa one which Sage got her for Christmas. '...I want to write down the recipe' she continued as she returned. I took out the eggs and she began writing. Sage then wanted me to wait as well as he ran upstairs to his room to get the glow-in-the-dark journal which Saffron got him for Christmas. He also wanted to write down the recipe but later decided to have his sister help him write the words after he watched me start mixing the custard.

After our Sunday breakfast, I stayed in the kitchen whilst the three played nicely together. I was delighted to see them all playing with the various Lego Friends sets and the new spring Frozen castle. The girls decided Sage should play the dad. The children also found the box of extra Lego bricks and Saffron built another structure from her imagination. I was impressed.

Today's weather was also impressive and brought a smile to my face. With a high of 12C and a near constant rain today, winter had finally arrived.