february tree

Priorities. We all have them. We all have a choice as to what we value most. Sometimes we get those priorities mixed up and do one thing when we should have done another. Sometimes we realise in time that we have done wrong and are able to correct our mistakes. Other times it is simply too late. 

'I'm sorry' only goes so far. Once or twice, one is able to forgive and understand. But repeatedly making the same mistake is a sign. We make excuses and hope to be forgiven yet again. With such actions we tell others what they really mean to us. We tell them they are not as important in our lives.

Being second to work or friends is not an ideal way of life. Work should never come before a loved one. Going out and partying with friends often is also not conducive to a stable and mature relationship.

Sometimes we are given a second chance in life. We learn from the mistakes we made in the past. We vow not to make them again. But then we do. We take the other person for granted time and time again. When they need us the most, we are not there for them. Excuses are made but they have been made too often to be believable anymore.

People or things we take for granted will one day no longer be around for us to keep making things right over and over again. Eventually people will get the message they are not as important as they would like to be in our lives. If they are important to you, you will do everything to keep them in your lives. You will put them above others and make them feel as if they are everything to you. Reevaluate priorities and cherish loved ones whilst you have a chance.