rain ennis

Ireland sees much rain throughout the year but I have not seen any of it since my arrival last Thursday. That is, until today. Today was the first time it has rained here in Ennis during my trip thus far and it also happened to be the day my boyfriend had to return to work. He had asked for time off during the entire time I am here and was not happy about having to go in today and tomorrow. I walked with him to work, said goodbye, and continued on my way to the coffeehouse.

At the coffeehouse, I ordered my usual - cappuccino and a fruit scone. I asked the Polish waitress if there was cream to be had for the scone. There was, so I sat and started eating the scone with cream and blackberry jam whilst I waited for my coffee. Afterwards, I ordered the soup as it sounded as if it would taste good. It did. Roasted peppers with tomatoes and ginger. The combination was rather good.

Rain started to fall as I finished eating. I walked outside but did not bother with an umbrella or the hood on my jacket. My next stop was two bookstores. At the second one I decided to buy a new book even though I had not yet finished the other one I had brought with me. I will save it for a later time.

Wondering what else to do today, I turned to reading then watching the German shows on my iPad. In between shows, I decided to clean the kitchen. Cooking will wait until tomorrow. Cheese with bread was fine for today after my meal earlier in the day. The rain continued harder in the afternoon. It would have been a nice day to spend the day in bed.

This evening I was able to attend my son's Valentine's Day party at his school. I wrote to his teacher last night and asked her if she would be willing to set up a time to Skype with him during the party as he had wished for me to be there with him. My being in Ireland, I was not able to be there physically but was happy for technology allowing us to see each other from all the way across the Atlantic. I am sure he was happy as well.